秋季养生保健知识 教你如何养生?
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Autumn health care knowledge, the weather becomes dry a lot


Autumn health care knowledge, the weather becomes dry a lot, and the air is not so good, this time we have to adjust the body.


秋季养生小常识 教你如何养生

Autumn health tips teach you how to keep fit



Health preserving knowledge in autumn



It's cool in autumn, especially suitable for outdoor exercise. Exercise is very beneficial to our health. But autumn exercise also has a lot to pay attention to. We need to pay more attention to it in order to protect our health. So what should we pay attention to in autumn exercise? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.



Pay attention to clothing and prevent colds.



Autumn and summer are different, the early morning temperature has begun to be a little low, exercise generally sweating more, a little inattention will have the risk of cold. So, never get up and wear a single outdoor activities, but to give the body a time to adapt. Especially the elderly, do not wake up immediately after waking up in the morning, because the elderly intervertebral disc relaxation, suddenly from lying position to standing position may occur sprain waist back phenomenon, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, the elderly should be more careful to get up, can stretch in bed, stretch the joints, rest for a while before getting out of bed.



Timely replenishment to prevent autumn dryness



From the hot and humid summer to autumn, the climate becomes dry.



From damp and sultry summer to autumn, the climate becomes dry all at once, the temperature drops a lot, the body content is easy to accumulate some dry heat, and the air humidity in autumn decreases, easy to cause dry throat, tongue, dry lips, nose bleeding, dry stool and other symptoms. In addition, the loss of water during exercise will aggravate the body's lack of water reaction, so, after exercise must drink more boiled water, eat pears, apples, milk, sesame, fresh vegetables and other soft foods, or usually drink ice sugar pear water, winter melon soup and other food to maintain the normal secretion of upper respiratory mucosa, to prevent sore throat.


秋季养生小常识 教你如何养生

Autumn health tips teach you how to keep fit



Be prepared to prevent pulling.



Preparatory exercises are necessary for any kind of exercise, because the muscles and ligaments in the autumn when the temperature is low will reflexively cause vasoconstriction, increased viscosity, reduced joint activity, reduced ligament extension, nervous system command of muscle in the absence of preparatory activities in the situation. The situation will also decline, if not fully prepared before exercise, will cause joint ligament strain, muscle strain, etc., seriously affecting daily life, exercise has become a kind of injury.



Morning exercise can not be empty stomach.



Taking any energy and exercising is easy to cause hypoglycemia.



People are basically hungry when they wake up in the morning because the body has already consumed all the food they eat at night, and there is almost no energy to supply the body with heat. Exercise, however, causes the body to lose a lot of energy, and for regular morning exercises, it is easy to start exercising without any energy intake to cause hypoglycemia. However, this situation is even more serious for middle-aged and elderly people. So before you exercise, you should drink something or eat something to give your body energy to start.



Morning exercise is not suitable for roadside.



The autumn climate is fresh and pleasant, slowly running on the avenue, which is not only beneficial to human health, but also make people feel particularly comfortable. However, in today's busy cities, avenues have been disappearing, the road has been occupied by vehicles and other means of transportation. Because the air is dry and dry in autumn, the roadside dust is flying wilfully, and the air is very bad because of pollution. Running while inhaling dust and harmful gases in the air. Running around the road for fear of trouble is very unhealthy. Therefore, it is best to choose quiet and clean places such as parks to run or exercise in the morning.